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The 4 Most Difficult Things to Move

Moving is hard work, but it's even harder if you have to move a car, piano, fine art piece, or firearm. Editorial Team

March 3, 2023

Whether you’re planning to move on your own or with help from professionals, there are a few items you might not be able to simply pack into a truck and unpack at your destination. Some items are simply too heavy, too fragile, or too dangerous to pack without careful consideration.

Be sure to set aside some extra planning time for these 4 hard-to-move objects.


Automobiles are either the easiest or the hardest thing to move in your entire collection.

If your cars are in good working condition, your destination is within a few hours’ drive, and you have at least one driver per vehicle, then moving your automobiles is really no sweat.

However, if one of your cars isn’t ready for a long road trip, your destination is a multi-day drive away, or you have too many cars and too few drivers, your automobile suddenly becomes a 4,000-pound anchor.

Unless you have both the access and the know-how to operate a tow truck, the best way to deal with a car you can’t drive is to call a professional moving company or automobile transportation service. Have you ever driven along the highway and noticed a large truck packed with cars? That’s the service these relocators provide: safe automobile moving that doesn’t accrue miles onto your car’s odometer.


Pianos are infamous for being a frustrating mix of heavy and fragile.

Pianos weigh an average of 750 pounds, making them too heavy to lift for the average family. While pianos can be moved DIY-style with help, their weight presents a serious danger to everyone involved.

On top of their imposing size, pianos are also fragile. Pianos are full of delicate, interconnected keys, strings, and hammers that can easily be set out of tune, warped, or broken. Professional piano movers are more than just physically strong people; they’re also trained technicians who have the know-how to safely transport these complex instruments.

If you have to move a piano, we recommend asking a professional piano mover.

Pottery and Art

Pottery and art are difficult to move because of their fragility and irreplaceability.

You can easily imagine how fragile your pottery and fine china are: one drop and most pieces will crack or shatter. Paintings, sketches, and other visual art pieces might not seem as breakable as pottery, but these visual pieces are susceptible to damage in different ways. Paint is sensitive to changes in heat or light, canvases can easily rip or scrunch, and charcoal or pen can smudge if not handled properly.

If you attempt to move a piece of fine art or a family heirloom, you’re dealing with an object that cannot be replaced. Most DIY moving is low stakes: scratched TVs can be repaired and crushed books can be replaced. Fine art does not have this luxury; one slip, and a beautiful piece can be ruined forever.

When moving fine art and pottery, we recommend you carefully wrap, pack, and secure every item. If you work with a professional moving company, be sure to label and notify your movers of your valuable art pieces and heirlooms so your movers can pack them with the special care they deserve.


Firearms present safety and legal concerns during a move.

Your safety and the safety of your movers, family members, and others around you is paramount. If you plan to relocate firearms, they should all be carefully unloaded and packed into clearly labeled safety cases. Whether you’re moving DIY-style or with the help of professionals, inform all adults involved of the weapons you plan to relocate.

Relocating guns and ammunition may be unlawful under certain conditions, especially if you plan to cross state lines. Be sure to research the gun storage and relocation laws for every state and county that you plan to move through along your journey.

For both DIY and professional moves, plan carefully: unload weapons, inform any adults involved, pack appropriately, and research local laws.

Ask a Professional for Help

Moving is hard work. On top of the planning and packing involved, an upcoming move can throw a wrench into your personal and professional life. Consider making everything a few degrees easier with help from professional movers.

Professional movers can handle your entire move, including planning, packing, driving, and unpacking all of your belongings. On top of that, professional movers can help you safely relocate some of the hard-to-move objects we already mentioned, plus other items we didn’t mention such as sofas, appliances, and clocks.

Take a load off with help from the professionals.

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