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How Much Do You Tip A Mover?

Show your appreciation to your moving team without breaking the bank. Editorial Team

March 10, 2023

Whether you’re moving apartments or homes, across the city or across the country, moving is expensive. When the moving truck delivers the last box to your new home, another expense might be the last thing on your mind, but it’s good practice to tip your movers.

We’ll cover how much, when, and why you should tip your movers so that you’re fully prepared for moving day.

How Much Should I Tip?

Most professional moving companies recommend that you tip each mover between $6 and $12 per hour.

While budgeting for an upcoming move, try and set aside about 20% of the total cost of the move to go towards tipping. Unless you’re extremely generous, your tips shouldn’t cost you more than this 20% threshold.

When tipping, be sure to tip everyone the same amount of money per hour. Tipping unequally could lead to frustrations amongst the crew. The lead mover and driver might make more money in tips than the other movers, but this is only if the lead and driver work more hours than the other movers.

When Should I Tip My Movers More?

Just like you would for a standout waiter or other service professional, you should consider tipping extra for a fantastic crew of movers.

If your movers do any of the following, consider tipping them more:

  • They expertly handle extremely heavy or fragile items (e.g., musical instruments, art, furniture)
  • They safely work around potential hazards, such as inclement weather, high temperatures, or cold temperatures
  • They are kind and accommodating to you and those around you, such as family members, house pets, and neighbors

When Should I Tip My Movers Less?

Sometimes, the waiter drops a wine glass over your date and ruins the evening. Movers also make mistakes, but some blunders are severe enough that they should affect how much you deduct from the tip.

Consider lowering the tip if any of your movers:

  • Break or noticeably damage your items
  • Damage or noticeably dirty your home during the moving process
  • Are rude or inappropriate to you, anyone in your family, your pets, or neighbors
  • Lag hours behind schedule without a fair excuse (such as inclement weather or traffic)

How Should I Best Distribute the Tip?

When your move is complete and it’s time to tip your movers, you’ll need to decide where to hand the money. You have a few options: tip each mover separately, hand the combined tips to the lead mover, or wire a tip to the moving company or broker to be distributed later.

Most moving companies agree that the best way to tip your movers is to hand cash to each individual employee. Not only will your movers feel appreciated by the personal gesture, but they also won’t have to worry about an unfair distribution of the tip pool.

Do I Have to Tip My Movers?

No, you never have to tip your movers. But you probably should.

Movers are considered service workers in the United States, and just like waiters, bartenders, hair stylists, and baristas, part of their expected income is based on tips. In most US states, businesses are allowed to pay service workers low wages (even below the minimum wage) with the expectation that a worker’s tips will make up the balance.

You should think of your professional movers just like you think of your barista or waiter: these people are providing a service, so they deserve to be tipped. Additionally, many professional moving employees (except the lead mover or driver) make minimum wage, meaning they need tips to supplement their income.

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